Nothing Beats Autumn Glory

Running for office means a busy schedule, lots of caffeine and mileage on your car. Our grassroots campaign has taken us to events across the […]

Running for office means a busy schedule, lots of caffeine and mileage on your car. Our grassroots campaign has taken us to events across the Sixth District, but to be honest, when I look at my weekly schedule on Sunday evening, some events jump out to me more than others – and nothing beats a perfect fall day at Autumn Glory in Oakland.

This weekend I had the great pleasure of once again attending Autumn Glory and speaking with voters at the Farmer’s Market, along the parade route and at house parties in downtown Oakland. I’d like to especially thank Brenda McCartney for her hospitality and for the wonderful lunch at her house. It was wonderful seeing so many familiar faces and supporters from Garrett County on what turned out to be a warm and sunny day.

For decades, Autumn Glory has brought people from across Western Maryland together and has drawn visitors from around the country. Autumn Glory has been highlighted by national publications as one of the best events of its kind and for good reason – it’s really a tremendous celebration in one of the most beautiful spots in the country.

I’m very proud to represent Garrett County and to stand up for Western Maryland in Congress. In my last term, we worked with area cable providers to help bring Maryland news-programming to the county, we helped bring federal funds in for the Garrett Regional Medical Center and we introduced legislation to protect over 300 local jobs. I’ve worked with community leaders from both parties to make sure that Garrett County’s voice is heard in Annapolis and Washington. That means continuing our efforts to expand rural broadband access, improving the enterprise zone program and reviewing policies that disproportionally hurt rural areas. That means fully funding Western Maryland’s transportation infrastructure needs, improving state efforts to promote Western Maryland tourism and more.

All Marylanders, no matter where they live, deserve an opportunity to start a business, provide a world-class education for their kids and retire with dignity.  In Congress, I’ve supported reducing taxes on businesses, expanding access to pre-k for working parents, improved benefits for veterans and led a bipartisan effort to protect and preserve Social Security.

That’s what I believe in – working across the aisle to find solutions and that’s what we’re talking about during this campaign, from Gaithersburg to Grantsville, Aspen Hill to Accident.  We have campaign offices open in every county in the Sixth District and are going to fight for every vote in every zip code.

Thank you to everyone who visited with me this weekend at Autumn Glory. It was once again a wonderful festival and a tremendous credit to the community.