Terry Lierman to Co-Chair Delaney Presidential Campaign


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

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Terry Lierman to Co-Chair Delaney Presidential Campaign

WASHINGTON – Congressman John K. Delaney has named Terry Lierman a Co-Chair of his presidential campaign.

Lierman is a past Chair of the Maryland Democratic Party and member of the DNC Executive Committee, Chief of Staff to then Democratic Majority Leader and now Democratic Whip Steny Hoyer, Treasurer of Martin O`Malley’s presidential campaign, National Finance Co-Chair on Howard Dean’s presidential campaign and Chief Clerk/Staff Director for the Senate Committee on Appropriations.

Congressman Delaney is the first declared Democratic candidate for President in 2020. Last month, Delaney campaigned in Iowa and New Hampshire and will be in North Carolina, South Carolina and Iowa next week.

“I’m thrilled to have Terry Lierman as a campaign co-chair,” said Congressman Delaney. “We’re going to run an aggressive campaign that’s on the ground early making the case that it’s time to leave the tired battles of the past behind and start focusing on the future. With his knowledge and experience at the highest levels, Terry is a perfect fit for our co-chair.”

“The last election has proven to all that elections have consequences! Congressman John Delaney is the candidate that is not the same old same old – rather he is a mix of new ideas, principles and caring,” said Lierman. “A refreshing mix of a successful businessman who created thousands of jobs – a proven politician who knows and respects the system – a quiet and generous philanthropist and a bridge builder across party lines. It is time for a change and Congressman Delaney is the one that our country and party will soon see is the one to make that happen!”

Congressman Delaney grew up in a blue-collar union household and his parents did not attend college. Delaney founded and led two-publicly traded companies and is the only former CEO of a publicly-traded company in the House. Due to his work crafting innovative legislation that uses revenues from international tax reform to rebuild America’s infrastructure, Delaney was named one of the World’s Greatest Leaders by Fortune Magazine in 2017. Delaney is a past winner of Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award and his business received the Bank Enterprise Award from the Obama Administration for investing in economically distressed communities. In Congress, Delaney has authored legislation to create a carbon tax, establish access to pre-K nationwide, end gerrymandering and protect veterans’ credit scores. In 2015, GovTrack identified Delaney as one of the most bipartisan members of Congress. John and his wife April McClain-Delaney live in Potomac Maryland and have four daughters.



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