Delaney Airs New Iowa TV Ad Blasting Trump’s Trade War


Friday, April 6, 2018

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Delaney Airs New Iowa TV Ad Blasting Trump’s Trade War

Spot highlights tariffs hurting state’s economy, Delaney’s free trade policy


WASHINGTON – Congressman John K. Delaney (MD-6) has a new ad running in Iowa criticizing President Trump’s trade policy and the impact it will have on farmers, businesses and consumers. Delaney has been in Iowa this week and on Thursday he met with Iowa Democrats serving in the state House and Senate in Des Moines.

Delaney’s TV spot, titled, “Trump’s Trade War”, will begin airing in the Des Moines and Cedar Rapids markets today and is available online here. Delaney has been on television in Iowa since February and has campaigned in 49 counties through Friday.

Following President Trump’s decision to raise tariffs on steel and aluminum, China has raised tariffs on over 100 products, from apples to whiskey to cranberries to cars. In the heartland, China’s new pork, soybean and ethanol tariffs are raising deep concerns about what could happen to the rural economy, as reported this week in the Des Moines Register. On Thursday, Trump threatened an additional $100 billion in tariffs.

In Congress, Delaney supported President Obama’s Trans-Pacific Partnership, unlike most other national Democrats. Delaney was one of just 28 House Democrats to vote to give President Obama Trade Promotion Authority.

“We’re getting to see what a trade war looks like and it’s pretty ugly,” Delaney said. “In President Trump’s trade war, the country will lose. Democrats need to be the party of global engagement and economic growth. It’s terrible that so many of my colleagues sided with candidate Trump over President Obama and now we’re seeing that protectionism doesn’t work. Instead of pulling out of global agreements like the TPP and the Paris Accords, the United States should lead and we should set the terms.”


The ad’s script:

Voice over

When President Trump said he wanted to get rid of pork…

It wasn’t supposed to be this kind

His trade war could devastate our manufacturing and farming economies

And raise prices on hard-working Americans

John Delaney believes we should be expanding markets not throttling them

Because he’s focused on creating good jobs for the twenty-first-century economy

And that’s exactly what he’ll do as president

Because now more than ever, standing up to Trump means standing up for Iowa


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