Delaney Airs New TV Ad in Iowa on Automation and Future of Work


Wednesday, July 25, 2018

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 Delaney Airs New TV Ad in Iowa on Automation and Future of Work

WASHINGTON – Today, Congressman John K. Delaney’s (MD-06) began airing his newest television ad in Iowa. The spot titled, “Focusing on the Future” is running in the Des Moines and Cedar Rapids markets. The spot argues that automation can create jobs overall, if elected officials take the proper steps to prepare and prioritize workers. Delaney will make multiple trips to Iowa next month, including speaking at the Iowa State Fair and the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding on August 10th. Delaney first went on television in Iowa on Super Bowl Sunday in February.

Delaney is the founder of AI Caucus, a bipartisan initiative to educate lawmakers on artificial intelligence issues. Delaney is also the author of the FUTURE of AI Act (H.R. 4625), legislation to create a federal advisory committee on AI’s impact on the workforce, privacy and ethics. The advisory committee would also look at how to maintain the nation’s global leadership in research and development.

“As an optimist and proven entrepreneur, I believe that technological innovation both improves our lives and creates jobs, and history proves both of these points to be true. But I am gravely concerned that our failure to get real things done to prepare our citizens and country for the accelerating pace of change will result in far too many of our citizens being left behind by the forces of innovation. The right answer for our country is not to ignore change, or scare our citizens about it, but to start making progress for our citizens, which includes modernizing and expanding our education model from K-12 to pre-K-14 (two years of community college or post HS training), expand worker training programs for adults, make transformational investments in science and research so that the U.S. remains the global leader in AI technology and that associated jobs are created and remain here, make sure that AI is implemented in an ethical and unbiased way, launch a $1 trillion infrastructure program, create a universal healthcare system, expand the EITC, and create massive incentives for private capital to be invested in economically struggling communities,” said Congressman Delaney.

The ad can be viewed here, transcript below.

The ad’s script:


I’m going to tell something you may never have heard from someone running for President before – the truth

Rapid changes are coming to the way we work

And while both parties seem to focus on fighting

I’m focusing on the future

So here’s the good news: new technology can actually create more jobs than it displaces, if we start preparing for it

Rethinking the way we work, while prioritizing the worker

That’s job one

And it’s one I intend to see through

In May, Delaney authored an op-ed in Wired calling for a national AI strategy.


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