Delaney Hits Iowa Milestone, Campaigns in all 99 Counties


Sunday, August 12, 2018

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Delaney Hits Iowa Milestone, Campaigns in all 99 Counties

Delaney is the first Democrat to campaign in all 99 Iowa Counties since the ’08 cycle


CARROLL – Congressman John K. Delaney (MD-6) has campaigned in all 99 Iowa Counties, filling in the final county on the map Sunday in Carroll. Delaney held a meet and greet with local caucus-goers and Iowa House candidate Peter Leo at the Pizza Ranch on Highway 30. The meeting capped off a five-day swing across the state that included meetings in diners and drug stores, farm visits, door knocking in Grundy County, events with federal, state and local candidates, an Agriculture Roundtable, the Iowa Democratic Wing Ding and a visit to the Iowa State Fair. Delaney hit his 99th county on his 14th trip to Iowa since launching his campaign last year.

On Wednesday in Des Moines, Delaney endorsed 22 Democratic candidates for the Iowa State House. Delaney is currently on the air in the Cedar Rapids and Des Moines markets.

“We’ve gone to all 99 counties and we’re just getting started,” said Congressman Delaney. “This is about sending a message directly to Iowans – it doesn’t matter if you live in Corning or Cedar Rapids – your voice matters. The hard truth is that as Democrats, we’ve lost a lot of elections in the last decade and we simply stopped showing up in a lot of places. We got away from putting in the work, putting in the miles and listening. It’s time to bring the country together, close the divides and make sure that no one, in any zip code, feels like they’re ignored. Completing 99 counties this early is really a testament to the work of my team, especially my organizers here in Iowa that are working around the state and this is just the first floor of what we’re building. The Iowa Caucus is all about listening, organizing and connecting with people directly.”


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