ICYMI – Delaney Wraps Up 99 Counties in Iowa with Focus on Pocketbook Issues and Getting Things Done


Friday, August 17, 2018

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ICYMI – Delaney Wraps Up 99 Counties in Iowa with Focus on Pocketbook Issues and Getting Things Done

WASHINGTON – Last weekend, Delaney did something no other Democratic presidential candidate had done since 2007 when he completed his tour of all 99 counties in Iowa, home of the first in the nation presidential caucus. Delaney’s 14th trip to Iowa included endorsements of 22 Iowa House Democratic candidates.

Delaney’s trip included an agricultural roundtable where he and several other candidates discussed the impact of Trump’s trade war on Iowa farmers. As someone with proven success with winning in a swing district, Delaney is committed to campaigning everywhere including counties like Emmet that President Obama won in 2008 but have since gone to Republicans. Delaney wrapped up his 99 County tour in Carroll where Democrats are tired of the divisiveness and ready for a candidate with a detailed plan.

Delaney has paid staff on the ground in Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, Sioux City and Davenport with plans to expand. He will be back in Iowa at the end of the month with an interactive presentation about his vision for America 2030.

Carroll Daily Times Herald-”Blue collar and bipartisan is the return road for Democrats, Delaney says

  •    I’m after civility after all this divisiveness,” Bock said. “I’ve heard some say the Democrats don’t have a platform, that all we are living off is just going up against the rhetoric of the Republicans. I wanted to hear who we are as Democrats, what’s our platform, what do we stand for, what are we going to do, and I felt Mr. Delaney defined that for us. I think he is the candidate that defines who the Democratic Party is.” Connie Bock, Glidden, IA
  •      The refreshing thing is he’s not afraid to talk in specific terms about what he believes needs to be done and how to accomplish it.” Tim Tracy, Carroll County Democratic Party Chair

Radio Iowa-”Delaney says Democrats should campaign everywhere”

  •      Delaney argues “hyper-partisan politics” has damaged the basic functions of government and voters want action, not more talking and more fighting.
  •  Delaney supports universal preschool, universal health care and he said it’s time to significantly increase spending on basic infrastructure and provide incentives for private capital investment in economically depressed areas. According to Delaney, 80 percent of the investments in start-ups last year went to businesses in just 50 U.S. counties.

Des Moines Register-Presidential candidate John Delaney says he can unite voters at Register Soapbox

  •     Democratic Congressman John Delaney pitched himself to Iowans Friday as a unifier focused on healing the divisions of the American people.
  •     Delaney announced his presidential run in October 2017, promising to be in Iowa every two weeks for campaign events. He’s largely delivered on that pledge and is scheduled to wrap up his first 99-county tour later this week.


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