Delaney: AP Poll Shows Nation is Deeply Divided, Importance of Bringing the Country Together


Thursday, October 25, 2018

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Delaney: AP Poll Shows Nation is Deeply Divided, Importance of Bringing the Country Together

Delaney would focus on bipartisan agenda in first 100 days, calls for national service program


WASHINGTON – According to a poll conducted by the Associated Press and the NORC Center for Public Affairs, 84% of respondents say that the country is “greatly divided when it comes to the most important values” and 77% are dissatisfied with the state of politics. A majority, 58%, said they were dissatisfied with the way the country was going.

Democratic presidential candidate Congressman John K. Delaney (MD-6) says the poll underscores the importance of a new approach to politics focused on bringing the country together, themes Delaney highlighted when he announced that he was running for president last year.

“The central question facing the country is ‘how do we bring this fractured country together?’” said Delaney. “This data from the Associated Press shows starkly that we’re deeply divided and that people are fed up with the divisive political climate and toxic discourse. We have to offer people a positive, unifying alternative, we have to offer them a new politics and that’s what I’m going to do. For too long, politicians have pushed a hyper-partisan agenda that most Americans don’t agree with. I think a president should begin their administration by unifying the country, implementing a bipartisan agenda over the first 100 days that shows the nation that they represent everyone and that we have a common purpose.

“We also need to break down our partisan silos and spend more time listening and talking to each other. We need a national service program that brings young people from different backgrounds together around a common purpose. Kids growing up in deep red and blue counties now barely even see someone with different points of view and that needs to change.

“The constant partisan warfare, the demonizing of the other side, the attitude that party comes before country – all of that has to stop. Let’s stop focusing on where we disagree and focus on where we agree so that we can get things done to improve people’s lives.”

Delaney has already campaigned in all 99 Iowa Counties. On the campaign trail, Delaney has called for:

  • A bipartisan, country-first agenda during his first 100 days
  • A new national service program that brings young people from every zip code together around a common purpose; Delaney’s program would include a community service option and a national apprenticeship program from young people focused on public works infrastructure
  • The President to debate the Congress regularly, following the British parliamentary model
  • The President to meet with a different member of Congress each morning to hear about the needs of their district and where we can find common ground
  • Bringing civility, respect and compromise back to politics

The national poll was conducted October 11-14 and sampled a representative group of 1,152 US adults.


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