Delaney Congratulates Iowa Winners: Abby Finkenauer, Cindy Axne, Dave Loebsack, Rob Sand and State Senate and House Candidates


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

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Delaney Congratulates Iowa Winners: Abby Finkenauer, Cindy Axne, Dave Loebsack, Rob Sand and State Senate and House Candidates

Delaney: When we stand together, we win

WASHINGTON – Congressman John K. Delaney (MD-6) congratulates Iowa Democrats on important victories on Election Night, including Abby Finkenauer’s win in IA-1, Dave Loebsack’s win in IA-2, Cindy Axne’s win in IA-3 and Rob Sand’s victory in the State Auditor’s race.

Delaney made particular effort to support local Iowa candidates, providing them with resources and organizational support. In August, Delaney endorsed 22 Iowa House candidates. Overall, Delaney endorsed 32 Iowa candidates.

“On Tuesday, voters in Iowa sent a strong message to the rest of the country that Democrats can win again in Midwestern states that went for Trump. Abby Finkenauer, Dave Loebsack and Cindy Axne should all be applauded for the way they campaigned, which was always with a focus on pocketbook issues and the things voters really care about. Their victories, along with Rob Sand’s big win in the Auditor’s race, show that Democrats can win when they focus on finding solutions and bridging the partisan divide,” said Congressman Delaney. “Credit should also be given to Fred Hubbell and Rita Hart for setting an absolutely pitch-perfect tone at the top of the ticket. They came up a little bit short, but they did a fantastic job in helping lead a Democratic comeback in Iowa. Finally, we should all applaud J.D. Scholten for his inspirational campaign in the 4th District – the whole country saw him stand up for decency in one of the reddest districts in the country.

“I was proud to endorse a number of Iowa statehouse candidates who were victorious tonight. House candidates like Kenan Judge, Karin Derry, Kristin Sunde, and Dave Williams flipped districts and give us a blueprint for winning locally. We need leaders who are committed to serving their constituents with an emphasis on the ideals of common purpose and unity. Thank you to all of the dedicated and hardworking volunteers and staff who helped lift these candidates to victory.

“As Democrats, we must harness this momentum moving forward because when we stand together, we win.”

Delaney has made 19 campaign trips to Iowa. Between his campaign and personal funds, Congressman Delaney has contributed over $200,000 to Iowa Democratic candidates, state, local parties, and organizations so far this cycle.


Victorious Iowa Candidates Endorsed by Delaney


Rob Sand – State Auditor


Abby Finkenauer – 1st District

Dave Loebsack – 2nd District

Cindy Axne – 3rd District

Iowa State Senate

Jackie Smith – Sioux City, SD-7

Iowa State House

Rep. Scott Ourth – Ackworth, HD-26
Rep. Charlie McConkey – Council Bluffs, HD-15
Kristin Sunde – West Des Moines, HD-42
Jennifer Konfrst – Windsor Heights, HD-43
Karin Derry – Johnston, HD-39
Molly Donahue – Cedar Rapids, HD-68
Heather Matson – Ankeny, HD-38
Dave Williams – Cedar Falls, HD-60

Jeff Kurtz – Fort Madison, HD-83
Kenan Judge – Waukee, HD-44