Rising Emissions Highlight Urgent Need for a Carbon Tax


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

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Delaney: Rising Emissions Highlight Urgent Need for a Carbon Tax


FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – Independent research released yesterday shows that domestic carbon emissions rose 3.4% in 2018. John Delaney believes that this report is yet more evidence that the United States is failing to address climate change. On the campaign trail, Delaney has called for implementing a carbon tax, a market-based solution to reducing emissions that will also raise revenues that can be redistributed directly back to the American people.

“We need a carbon tax and we need it yesterday. This is the real national emergency facing the country and we have a White House that’s denying it exists,” said Delaney. “Not only are we not taking the bold steps we need to reduce emissions, we’re actually making things worse. The data continues to show that we’re not going to hit the targets that we need to mitigate climate change, putting our economy, national security, and public health at risk. We are leaving the next generation with a potentially catastrophic and unpayable form of debt, a climate debt. Let’s put a price on carbon pollution and use those revenues to provide a dividend to the American people. A carbon tax will rapidly reduce emissions and encourage the growth and development of alternative energy production and conservation. A carbon tax is an actual solution that works, one that has bipartisan support and is fiscally-responsible, let’s get this done.”

Last month, Delaney was a lead cosponsor on the first bipartisan carbon tax bill in a decade, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act, legislation that will reduce carbon emissions by almost 40% in 12 years and by over 90% by 2050. The bill puts a price on carbon pollution and returns 100% of the revenue back to the American people through a dividend. Delaney first filed his own carbon tax legislation in 2015. In 2017, Delaney won the Climate Leadership Award from the Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

Delaney will campaign in Michigan and Iowa this week, meeting with entrepreneurs in Detroit on Thursday, meeting with Iowa Democrats in Dewitt and Tipton as well as speaking in Davenport on Friday, and opening new offices in Cedar Rapids and Des Moines Saturday. Delaney will drive his father’s truck during the trip. Delaney’s father Jack, an IBEW electrician, passed away in 2016.