While Trump Pushes a Damaging Trade War, Major Concerns with China Go Unaddressed


Tuesday, January 8, 2019

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Delaney: While Trump Pushes a Damaging Trade War, Major Concerns with China Go Unaddressed


 FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – Reporting this week in the Washington Post highlights the security risks posed by critical transportation infrastructure being manufactured by companies owned by the Chinese government, including the potential for new rail cars running in the nation’s capital.  According to the Post, “the state-owned China Railway Rolling Stock Corp., or CRRC, has used bargain prices to win four of five large U.S. transit rail car contracts awarded since 2014.”

The CRRC is expected to submit one of the leading bids to build new cars for a new billion-dollar contract to supply the WMATA system with a new series of rail cars. Security experts believe that these products could be used for espionage and could be susceptible to sabotage. No federal legislation exists to provide permanent safeguards against this threat, nor is there a national plan in place to mitigate this risk. Metro is adding a new requirement that all software and hardware included in the cars be certified as safe by a third-party vendor cleared by the federal government.

“President Trump is bogged down in a tariff fight with China, a battle that American businesses, farmers and workers are largely losing, while doing nothing to address the fundamentals of the economic and geopolitical threat that China poses,” said Delaney. “China has made incredible investments in technology and infrastructure, they have a clear plan to expand their global influence and they haven’t played by the rules. In response to this, we’ve abandoned the region by pulling out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership – a disastrous move that far too many Democrats supported and started a counterproductive trade war. Instead of fighting a trade war that hurts our country, we should take them on economically in Asia, we should make sure that China plays by the rules on intellectual property and we should pay attention to major security threats taking place right under our nose. Right now, the American people have seen a more proactive response from the Metro Board than they have from the White House.”