During Shutdown Delaney Visits Immigrant Detention Center in Texas 


Wednesday, January 9, 2019

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   During Shutdown Delaney Visits Immigrant Detention Center in Texas 


FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – Last week, presidential candidate John Delaney toured the South Texas Family Residential Center in Dilley, Texas, a facility currently holding approximately 1,700 asylum seekers. Delaney and his wife April McClain-Delaney also sponsored a group of 14 students and two professors from Georgetown University Law Center to provide legal assistance to asylum seekers for a week. During the trip, which took place on January 3, April, as a volunteer attorney, met with families held at the detention center. The Delaneys have been long serving members on the board of Georgetown Law and funded several public interest fellowships as alumni.

“I’m happy that April and I are able to play a small role in the larger effort to provide aid and assistance to the asylum seekers,” said Congressman Delaney. “These are real people, human beings who are fleeing horrible conditions and seeking a better life. In Dilley, it is exclusively women and children, they are not security threats. We have asylum laws on the books to protect those in need. Our great country needs leadership that is strong and moral and is more concerned with doing what is right than about political fights. In this polarized environment, all too often we have lost the ability to see the human side of what is truly at stake. We have to restore that perspective. There are real emergencies in this country that need to be addressed by a government that is currently shut down. As an American, it was so disappointing to see the President last night continue to mislead and continue to demonstrate the wrong priorities. The way forward here is a bipartisan agreement along the lines of the 2013 immigration reform bill.

“I am also thankful and proud that law students from my alma mater took a week out of their vacation to do what they can to help the families seeking asylum at the border. It is moments like this that make me hopeful of a better future for our country; kind-hearted citizens doing what they can to help those in need. This is the America we should strive to be.”

John and April donated $40,000 to the Georgetown Human Rights Institute for this project. The Delaneys will also sponsor another student group to travel to Dilley in late spring.