Delaney Statement on Governor Ralph Northam


Friday, February 1, 2019

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Delaney Statement on Governor Ralph Northam


FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – John Delaney releases the following statement:

“We cannot unsee what we have now seen, which is a picture of Governor Northam posing in a racist photo. He was a grown man and it took place around the time Douglas Wilder was about to become the Lieutenant Governor of Virginia, on his way to becoming the first African American Governor in the United States. These actions are deeply wrong and hurtful to so many.  They impair his ability to have the kind of moral authority that is needed to lead people through the painful and important discussion about race relations in our country.

“Although the Governor has lived a good and admirable life, dedicated to the service of others, his explanation has not fully captured how this happened and how he plans to restore faith in his ability to lead. I encourage him to address this issue in person with the citizens of Virginia. We all know that no single person is irreplaceable in any job, and the Governor needs to search deeply to determine whether he can both continue to lead and obtain the forgiveness of those who he has hurt.  I suspect the answers to these questions is ‘no’ – which is why I would counsel him to resign.”