Delaney: Green New Deal Resolution is as Realistic as Trump Saying Mexico Would Pay for The Wall

Thursday, February 14, 2019
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FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – This week, Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell announced that he would hold a vote on the Green New Deal Resolution that was filed last week.
Presidential candidate John Delaney releases the following statement:
“First of all, climate change is real and we need to take aggressive action to counter its effects.  If we do nothing, it’s going to hurt our environment, it’s going to hurt our economy, it’s going to hurt agriculture, and it’s going to hurt our national security.  And while I absolutely applaud all the enthusiasm behind the Green New Deal, because we need that energy to fight climate change, the Green New Deal as it has been proposed is about as realistic as Trump saying that Mexico is going to pay for the wall. 
“We’re supposed to be talking about fighting climate change and the Green New Deal is talking about universal health care, a jobs guarantee, universal basic income, and rebuilding every single building in the United States. It’s estimated that just those new programs would cost more than $6 trillion dollars a year.  That’s twice what we currently collect in taxes meaning we would need to triple everyone’s taxes to pay for it. 
“I’ve been working to fight climate change for a long time; I received the Climate Leadership Award from Citizens’ Climate Lobby in 2017.  And I have an actual plan to fight climate change that has bipartisan support. First, we implement an aggressive carbon tax and we return all of that tax money right back to the American people as a dividend check.  They can choose to either take the money or put it right into a tax-advantaged savings account like a retirement account or a 529 education plan. And then we increase our advanced energy budget by a factor of five so we can innovate our way out of the problem.  I’ve spent years working across the aisle to build bipartisan support for aggressive action on global warming. We finally have a big coalition, including Republicans willing to act on climate. Why would we make that impossible by adding in a bunch of other unrelated, unpaid-for programs that we know Republicans don’t want and that most Americans will not support? We have to stop talking about climate, we have to take action now. As President, I believe I can get a large Carbon Tax – Dividend passed into law and do something real to address climate change.”