What Iowans Are Reading About John Delaney

Delaney completes his 24th visit to the Hawkeye State after earning four Iowa Democratic County Chair endorsements

Wednesday, February 20, 2019
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DES MOINES, IA – Presidential candidate John Delaney just wrapped his 24th visit to Iowa this week, following a string of Democratic County Chair endorsements from Van Buren, Mills, Wayne, and Lucas counties in early 2019.

The visit included a campaign office opening in Waterlooan anti-poverty roundtable with former Congressional candidate J.D. Scholten, a visit with Iowa House and Senate Democratic Caucuses in the Capitol, and meet-and-greet events with Democrats in Perry, Grimes, Knoxville, and Albia.

Delaney is the first Democratic presidential candidate to have visited all 99 Iowa counties since 2008 and has more than 20 campaign staff on the ground.

Iowa Starting Line: “Why this Iowan is Caucusing for John Delaney”

  • A closer look at John Delaney’s platform shows a Democrat who supports universal healthcare, universal pre-K and community college, affordable housing, and innovative solutions to climate change. John believes we need a national strategy to deal with automation to make sure that workers and entrepreneurs flourish and he is campaigning to bring more opportunities to underserved communities.”
  • “But more than supporting these important issues, Delaney has creative ideas for how to solve, fund and implement them.” Paula Meyer, St. Ansgar

Daily NonPareil: “Delaney can lead Democrats against Trump”

  • “We need someone who knows the ins and outs of business, understands our economy, the need for education, the need for universal healthcare, social security and protecting all of our veterans. Most importantly, we need a person running for office who is in it for the right reasons and who will work across party lines to get things done. … We need John Delaney.” Donna Crum, Mills County DemocraticChair

Des Moines Register: “Iowa caucuses 2020: Candidate John Delaney says voters aren’t looking for ‘socialism’”

  • “‘I’m a pragmatic idealist,’ Delaney told reporters after meeting with lawmakers at the Iowa Capitol on Tuesday. ‘ I want to do big things. A lot of the goals I’m working towards are similar to what the other candidates are, but I actually have real plans (for) how to make them happen and build the kind of coalition you need to get it done.’”
  • “Delaney positioned himself as more of a doer than a dreamer. … ‘Increasingly, I do think the race is being framed between people who actually have real solutions and a track record of actually building coalitions to get things done and people who are proposing things that are either unrealistic or really do ring kind of a socialistic or socialism (tone) in our country, and I don’t think that’s what the voters are looking for,’ he said.”    

The Marshalltown Times-Republican: “Dem presidential hopeful joins anti-poverty panel in Marshalltown”

  • “‘Really, the most effective tool that I’ve seen in the various toolboxes that we have as a country for dealing with poverty is, in fact, the Earned Income Tax Credit,’ Delaney said. ‘Really, what it is is a worker’s tax credit.’ The tax credit is provided to help people considered low- or moderate income earners get more money back when the receive their tax return each year.”

The Perry News: “Delaney brings centrist pragmatism to Perry Tuesday”

  • “Calling himself a ‘pragmatist’ and a ‘realist,’ the four-term House member and successful entrepreneur and business executive spoke to many issues, from climate change — ‘the most existential threat our children face’ — to globalization, automation, trade and health insurance.” 
  • “He touted the $1 trillion carbon tax plan he sponsored in Congress, which has drawn support from 40 Republicans and 40 Democrats, as an example of the fact-based solutions that can unite our ‘terribly divided nation.’”

Radio Iowa: “Gillibrand and Delaney in Iowa as Sanders launches into 2020 field”

  • “And I think the two questions Democratic primary voters are going to ask (are the following): ‘Who can win?’ and ‘Who can govern?’ Delaney said.”

The Courier: “John Delaney opens campaign office in Waterloo”

  • “Delaney considers himself someone who can lead a coalition. ‘I want people to know I’m to be the kind of leader the American people deserve,’ Delaney said. ‘Too many elected officials put their own self-interest above the common good of citizens.’”