Delaney: Trump’s Climate Denialism Makes Us Less Safe

Friday, February 22, 2019
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FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – The Washington Post has reported that the Trump White House is “working to assemble a panel to assess whether climate change poses a national security threat” and that the panel will be led by William Happer, who has stated that carbon pollution “would be a benefit to humanity.” Reportedly, the new panel is an effort by the Administration to undermine previous defense, intelligence, and government agency reports stating that climate change poses a security risk to the United States.

John Delaney believes that climate change is an economic, environmental, and national security threat, and has made a carbon tax and dividend plan a centerpiece of his campaign. 

“President Trump is ignoring scientists, he’s ignoring our military, and he’s ignoring our intelligence agencies. Instead of being a doer and taking action to address this urgent problem, he’s trying to construct a new reality. His approach is a grave disservice to the country and makes our country less safe and secure. 

“Climate change is a threat multiplier. Period. Left unchecked, climate change will lead to the displacement of millions of people, global economic hardship, the increased spread of disease, and significant pressure on natural resources including food. These things make conflicts more likely. The military has been serious and clear-eyed about this. The Trump Administration has not. 

“We need to implement a carbon tax and dividend program as soon as possible because climate change will only get more difficult to address the longer we wait.”