John Delaney Calls on Iowa Lawmakers to Leave Political Partisanship out of the Courtroom

Stressing his background in bipartisanship, Delaney calls on Iowa lawmakers to uphold existing nonpartisan processes

Friday, Feburuary 22, 2019
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DES MOINES, IA – New proposed changes to Iowa’s judicial selection processes have raised alarms for potentially ending the state’s legacy of nonpartisan selection processes. The controversial proposal has drawn criticism from a wide range of legal groups, lawmakers, and community members for potentially injecting partisanship into the legal system.

Presidential candidate John Delaney, a recognized champion of bipartisanship during his three terms in Congress, issues the following statement calling on Iowa lawmakers to resist the urge to alter the nonpartisan judicial selection processes:

“Iowa’s judicial selection process has been called the ‘gold standard’ for good reason: it was chosen by voters in a constitutional amendment decades ago, and has endured as one of the most nonpartisan processes in our nation. In today’s climate of hyper-partisanship, Iowa’s system should celebrated.

“I have spent a lot of time with Iowans hearing about this, and as an advocate for bipartisanship, I join the call to urge Iowa leaders not to tip the scales of justice. When seeking justice, we should not seek the Republican or Democratic answer. We should seek the right answer. Our judicial system should work for all of us, regardless of political differences.”

Delaney is the only Democratic presidential candidate to currently hold endorsements from Iowa Democratic Party County Chairs, and he is the first Democratic presidential candidate to have visited all 99 Iowa counties since 2007. Delaney has six field offices in Iowa, and has made 24 visits to the state.