ICYMI – Delaney Impresses During CNN Town Hall Sunday Night

Monday, March 11, 2019
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FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – On Sunday, Delaney participated in a CNN town hall moderated by Jake Tapper at SXSW. Answering questions from the audience, Delaney discussed a wide range of topics including why he’s running for president, his health care plan, how best to address the exponential threat of climate change, and immigration.

What people are saying:

  • “It’s a long list of grievances I have with him as our president, but I think it’s this fundamental lack of a moral compass, I think that will be the biggest lasting damage.”– The Hill
  • “Former Rep. John Delaney (D-Md.), a 2020 presidential candidate, jabbed at President Trump on Sunday, saying that he trusts the U.S. intelligence committee over Russian President Vladimir Putin,” – The Hill.
  •  ‘“We need entrepreneurs all across the country’ @JohnDelaney #CNNTownHall #SXSW #RiseOfRest” – Steve Case
  • “.@JohnDelaney is getting a chance tonight to show off a lot of what he’s been slowly and quietly building for many months. It’s clear he’s talked to a lot of voters on a diverse range of topics, and he’s often using specific examples vs. speaking in generalities,” – Hanna Trudo, national politics reporter National Journal.
  • “Delaney, who has been running for President since July 2017, made clear he doesn’t want to go to the same lengths as the better-known, more-progressive candidates,” – Mark Dent, Deadline Hollywood.

Highlights from John Delaney’s town hall:

  • “I grew up in a blue-collar family. My dad was an electrician. Neither of my parents went to college. Right? I needed scholarships from my dad’s union to give me the opportunity to get the education that I’ve received. And I had this amazing kind of American dream- type life where I worked hard and played by the rules, but I lived at a time when we were supporting our citizens in doing it.” –  John Delaney
  • “I do worry that if we embrace socialism in its pure form, right, that that’s a mistake. I’m a capitalist by nature, but I really do believe in the model that this country has had. The genius of our country in many ways, Jake, is that we embrace capitalism. We embraced its power to create jobs and innovate. But we also invested in social programs. We did things to moderate capitalism. We had regulation, we had tax policy, workers’ rights. We built great societal infrastructure to make sure people have a chance. So to some extent, it’s a bit of a false choice. We are a capitalist country that has strong social programs. And that’s what I think our model is going forward.” – John Delaney 
  • “I believe health care should be a right of every American. Absolutely. It’s a basic human right. And I believe it’s smart economic policy. My dad, the union electrician, he had one job for 60 years. Back then, it made sense to have health care tied to your job. But I think one of my four daughters might have 10 jobs. We shouldn’t have health care tied to people’s jobs. So we need universal health care. But a big theme of my campaign is being honest about the problems and honest about the solutions. Having a government-only solution to health care is not the right answer.” – John Delaney  

On Saturday, Delaney authored an op-ed published by CNN titled, “Democrats should restore capitalism’s promise, not abandon it for socialism” in which Delaney argued that abandoning capitalism for socialism is the wrong approach to fighting the very real economic and social injustices that exist in our country today while also recognizing the need for a more just and inclusive form of capitalism.

Next weekend, Delaney will be back in Iowa for a three-day trip during which he will open an office in Fort Dodge.