ICYMI– Delaney Visits Eight Iowa Counties, Opens New Office, Campaigns for Eric Giddens

Monday, March 18, 2019
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DES MOINES, IA – This weekend, presidential candidate John Delaney campaigned across central and northeastern Iowa.

His campaign tour spanned eight Iowa counties (Boone, Greene, Webster, Black Hawk, Cerro Gordo, Mitchell, Floyd, and Winneshiek), and included the grand opening of a new Fort Dodge campaign office and door knocking for Eric Giddens in the Senate District 30 special election.

Click here to access campaign photos from this weekend’s visit.

Local coverage highlights of Delaney’s Iowa trip:

Delaney pledges to reunite a nation he sees as divided – The Messenger 

  • While speaking to about 40 people at his newly opened campaign office, Delaney never mentioned any of his numerous rivals for the Democratic presidential nomination. But he did take aim at Republican President Donald Trump a couple times.
  • Delaney on political division: “Our current president would lead the American people to believe that their enemy is their fellow American if they have a different skin color, if they worship a different god,” [Delaney] said. “That’s not your enemy. Your enemy is a political system that doesn’t work for you.”
  • Delaney on debating Donald Trump: “If I’m debating the president and he’s lying, I’m going to call him out for it because in many ways the truth is the best weapon against him.”

Delaney vows to bring Americans together – Charles City Press

  • Delaney spoke to about 40 people in downtown Charles City for about 20 minutes, then took questions about a wide variety of issues, including gun control, mental health, climate change, foreign policy, agriculture, and trade.
  • Delaney on economic opportunity: “I grew up at a time when we had a society and a set of institutions that helped people in achieving their dreams,” [Delaney] said. “Today our young people really don’t have those same kind of opportunities. This is the first generation of Americans that won’t do better than their parents. In one generation, we’ve watched the American dream vanish right before our eyes.”
  • Photo recap on Twitter: “Best weapon against Trump is the truth and being honest about our problems and putting forth new ideas is the only way forward.”

Presidential candidate John Delaney shares visions with Madrid – Ames Tribune

  • On a sunny Friday afternoon in Madrid, 2020 Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney spoke with a crowd of roughly 25 residents on the issue of healthcare and education.
  • Delaney on student loans: “I don’t think the government should make money on student loans,” said Delaney. “I think we should borrow money in the markets and lend it to our young people at the same rates we borrow at — and that would cut student loan rates in half.”
    • Delaney said he would lower the rates on student loans to equal the cost that government programs borrow money at.
    • Additionally, Delaney proposed the idea of affordable schooling by implementing two free years of community college, with an option to do an additional two more years at a four-year university, with tuition being paid by the student.

John Delaney makes pitch for effective agreement – Mason City Globe Gazette

  • Delaney on investing in struggling communities: Part of his economic plan centers on giving priority in government contracting to “companies with a majority of employees located in economically struggling communities.”
    • His campaign argues that that will “ensure that the government supports businesses that are not in already-prosperous areas will promote economic growth in areas that have suffered due to globalization and automation.”
    • That plan would work with guaranteed free preschool and doubling the Earned Income Tax Credit which depends on a recipient’s income and number of children.

Twitter moments:

  • Delaney on St. Patrick’s Day: Delaney, whose grandfather immigrated to the U.S. from Ireland, shared thoughts on Twitter about the day’s meaning.
  • Iowa mud adventure: John Delaney has been driving his father’s truck through Iowa and used the truck to tow a car from the mud in Mitchell county.