Delaney: Trump-style Nationalism Is The Wrong Answer

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – On Friday, President Trump notified Congress that the administration plans to cut off aid to three Central American countries. Also on Friday, President Trump threatened to close parts or all of the Southern border.

Presidential candidate John Delaney releases the following statement:

“Once again, President Trump has precisely the wrong solution for the problem at hand. Threatening to shut down our southern border and deprive Central American countries of critical foreign aid will exaggerate a humanitarian crisis, inflame a political crisis, and ultimately make conditions at our southern border worse. These actions are not in the best interest of the homeland security of the United States and reflect the President’s lack of a true moral compass. We need a leader who will work with Congress to provide additional support at our border and make needed changes to our immigration policies, engage constructively with Mexico to manage the influx of migrants across their border and organize regional efforts and additional aid to stabilize Central America, and rebuild civil society in those countries in crisis. That is what is in the best interests of the citizens of the United States.

“America has long been known as a nation that extends its hand to those in need. Under the Trump Administration, that is no longer true. Trump-style nationalism is the wrong answer to any question we could ask ourselves and it is not reflective of our ideals, counterproductive to our economic and security interests, and ultimately not patriotic.”