ICYMI: Delaney Launches Heartland Fair Deal, Opens 7th and 8th Iowa Campaign Offices

DES MOINES, IA – Presidential candidate John Delaney’s “Heartland Fair Deal” roadmap was a highlight of his latest swing through Iowa this weekend. The trip featured his participation in the Heartland Forum, as well as the opening of his 7th and 8th campaign offices located in Davenport and the pivot county of Dubuque.

Local coverage highlights of Delaney’s Iowa trip:

Democratic hopefuls share visions for boosting rural areas – The Gazette

  • The businessman and former congressman from Maryland highlighted his “Heartland Fair Deal” plan that he published this week. The sweeping policy proposal emphasizes rural health care, infrastructure, trade, and antitrust regulations.
  • Delaney on investment in rural communities:
    • Delaney said he would seek to direct government investment to rural communities, noting that most investment capital now goes to only four states: New York, California, Texas and Massachusetts.
    • “That’s not a country of opportunity. That’s a country of birthright,” Delaney said. “That’s why so much of my agenda is focused on policies to encourage people to invest in communities. … I want there to be a resurgence of investment in these kinds of communities.”

Heartland Forum brings Democratic focus to rural America – Spencer Daily Reporter

  • The Democratic Party seems to know one thing for certain: That the road to winning in 2020 runs through rural America. Storm Lake’s Buena Vista University became an intersection on that highway in the party’s route to 2020, in one of five Midwest states that flipped from voting for Obama in 2012 to Trump in 2016.
  • Delaney on the Heartland Fair Deal:
    • “Unless you invest in people and the community, nothing really happens,” he said. “A big piece of the deal is to make sure capital is flowing to rural America.”
    • Delaney said capital is leaving rural areas because the owners are no longer located in the region. Eighty percent of venture capital went to 50 counties — a statistic that has strongly influenced his take on why capitalism needs redirection.

2020 Democratic presidential hopeful John Delaney touts rural revitalization plan in Iowa City – The Gazette

  • John Delaney, a Democratic presidential hopeful and former U.S. representative from Maryland, thinks economic revitalization is possible in some of the most rural parts of America, and said he has the plan to make it happen.
  • Delaney, 55, spoke Sunday to a crowd of 75 at the MERGE coworking space in the Pedestrian Mall as part of a rollout for the “Heartland Fair Deal,” his rural revitalization proposal.
  • Among his proposed policies — which center on infrastructure, economic development, health and agriculture — the Heartland Fair Deal calls for student loan forgiveness for anyone living and working in “distressed” communities for at least 10 years.

Delaney will unify the country if elected president – The Dispatch Argus

  • Democratic presidential candidate John Delaney said it was time to rise above the broken political system and focus on the future together.
  • Delaney on passage of Carbon Tax Plan: “It’s a proposal to reduce carbon emissions by 90 percent by putting a price on carbon. We’ll take all that money and give it right back to the American people,” Delaney said. “I can get that passed in my first year as president. How? By building a coalition of every single Democrat in Congress and of all the Republicans that live in coastal states.”
  • Delaney on the electoral college: “This is where the honest side of me comes through,” Delaney said. “You need the small states to agree with the Electoral College amendment, and no small state will vote to amend because it takes power away from them. This is almost impossible to do. If we go around telling people to get rid of the Electoral College, we are basically telling rural America that their votes don’t matter.”

In Iowa City, Delaney talks healthcare and capitalism – Iowa City Press-Citizen

  • After releasing his 23-point thesis aimed at rural America, Presidential candidate John Delaney wound through Iowa City. Delaney’s plan ranges from incentivizing companies to build negative emission technology in rural America to expanding the availability of telehealth opportunities for folks in under-served communities.
  • Delaney on socialism and capitalism: “Sometimes, I think these labels don’t really serve us very well,” Delaney said. “‘Socialism’ in its pure form with government controlling all of production — I think is a terrible idea. And I think if most Americans thought about it that way, they wouldn’t like it either. But capitalism with no role for government at all — just an entirely free market — is not what we have either.”