Delaney Statement on Senate Medicare For All Bill

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – Presidential candidate John Delaney releases the following statement:

“Eliminating private health insurance will decrease access and quality in health care and doom any chance of creating a universal health care system, yet it remains the type of talking point that may sound good but is bad policy. Americans don’t want a health care system that bans private insurance and is solely government based – they want options and they don’t want a system based solely on low levels of reimbursement. Unlike the new Medicare For All bill, my plan is fully paid for. Health care should be a right for every American but it needs to be based on a smart approach. As a former health care entrepreneur, I know how the system works.  That’s why I have a common sense plan that covers every single citizen but still maintains a private marketplace. It is the best plan to ensure the health of our nation.”

For information on Delaney’s health care plan, click here.