Delaney Applauds NH Legislature Vote to Repeal Death Penalty

CONCORD, NH – On Thursday, the New Hampshire Senate voted overwhelmingly to repeal the state’s death penalty. Although NH Gov. Chris Sununu has threatened a veto, both the House and Senate have voted in favor of the death penalty repeal with veto-proof majorities. The bill now heads to Gov. Sununu for consideration.

Presidential candidate John Delaney releases the following statement:

“If the death penalty repeal passes into law in New Hampshire, it will be because Republicans, Democrats, and Independents put partisanship aside to do what’s right. On issue after issue, our country faces a hard choice – work together on solutions, or continue the partisan fighting that has stalled our nation’s progress. I am a strong believer that the cost of doing nothing is not nothing. In the case of reforming our criminal justice system, the cost of doing nothing can be measured in human lives. I applaud the New Hampshire House and Senate for moving towards a repeal of the death penalty and taking an important step in our journey to create a justice system that reflects our values as a country.”