Delaney: ‘Medicare for All’ Will Hurt Rural America; There Is a Better Way to Create Universal Health Care

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – Yesterday, The New York Times reported how “Medicare for All would cost hospitals billions and would force many small hospitals in rural towns to close down.

“I believe we need universal health care, but I don’t think that the Senate ‘Medicare for All’ bill is the right approach or good policy,” said John Delaney. “Eliminating private insurance, as stated in the Senate bill, and forcing hospitals to accept Medicare reimbursement rates, would cost hospitals billions and hurt rural towns by cutting a significant portion of their revenues and force many to close down. My health care plan guarantees coverage, does not eliminate the private market, and gives the American people options.

“‘Medicare for All’ makes for a good sound bite but it’s not practical. We cannot continue to put forth irresponsible proposals for the sake of winning elections – we have a president who does that and it’s not working. The American people deserve a responsible President with real solutions.”

Delaney has proposed a new government-sponsored health care plan that guarantees high-quality care to everyone and gives people options for private insurance.  This new plan would protect the reforms delivered by the Affordable Care Act, including guaranteed coverage of preexisting conditions and essential health benefits, and would make access truly universal.