Delaney Statement on Earth Day: We Must Act

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – On Earth Day, John Delaney urges the Democratic field and the nation to prioritize action on climate change by advancing smart policies that can actually get done.  

Delaney calls for 1) implementing a tax and dividend carbon tax that returns revenues to the people 2) a fivefold “moonshot” increase in investments in energy research 3) creating a new federal incentive to create a market for negative emissions technology funded by eliminating fossil fuel subsidies 4) a national Climate Corps as part of his national service plan and 5) reentering the Paris Agreement and beginning more advanced global leadership. In Congress, Delaney was a lead cosponsor of bipartisan carbon tax legislation. 

“We must act on climate change. It is in our economic, environmental, and national security interest. It is one of the defining challenges of the next century and if we fail, the next generation will pay a very big price.

“As Democrats, we’re united in recognizing that climate change is a problem and that it demands both a domestic and global response. We have an obligation to lead responsibly, which means focusing on how we can act in a meaningful and effective way, as quickly as possible. Turning this into a broader discussion around a set of larger, and in many cases admirable, social justice goals – as proposed by the Green New Deal – just makes action on climate harder and we don’t have time to waste. The way to act on climate is with a singular, laser-like focus. 

“Working with every Democrat in Congress and Republicans from coastal states, I will sign a carbon tax in my first year in office that returns revenues directly to people.  I will then lead one of the most massive increases in innovation since the space program to create entirely new technologies in storage and transmission while also scaling incredibly promising negative emissions technologies. My administration will create a voluntary national Climate Corps to engage the next generation in this challenge. We will never solve climate change without American innovation.”