Iowa Starting Line Says “In Rural Iowa, ‘Socialism’ Skepticism May Boost John Delaney” 

DES MOINES, IA – A new Iowa Starting Line article released Friday highlights John Delaney’s inroads with rural Iowa caucus-goers who could gravitate toward more moderate candidates, and explores signs that Delaney is well-positioned to garner rural delegate caucus support.

The article, covering a recent campaign stop in Iowa Falls along with Delaney’s extensive grassroots reach into small rural communities, shows Delaney reaching caucus-goers in rural areas. A recent Iowa poll conducted by Focus on Rural America showed Delaney outpacing other more nationally-covered presidential candidates in the state.

Comments by Iowa Falls voters to Iowa Starting Line:

“He strikes me as a person with a moderate approach to some problems, and I really feel strongly that’s what we need,” Jay Pattee, 66, of Perry said after watching Delaney speak. “He would be someone that I’d consider voting for, not to say I won’t consider others as well.”

“He brings forth very good points on bipartisanship,” noted Brinkmeyer in Iowa Falls. “Bring it together, don’t divide us. Don’t tweet us apart.”

Iowa Starting Line concludes:

“When it comes to caucus math, Delaney’s rural approach could serve him well. Because each precinct in Iowa has a set number of delegates they elect, a candidate can’t simply run up the totals in Iowa City. And getting to 15% viability in the precincts with large turnouts in the cities can sometimes take over 100 people, not an easy task for any campaign.

Just turning out 10 or 15 people in a rural precinct, however, can get you to viability. Delaney’s busy travel schedule and large field team gives him an advantage there, even if he’s not the most visible Democrat on cable news.”

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