Delaney Visits Big River Resources Ethanol Plant, Speaks Out Against Trump Administration Waivers

Wednesday, May 1, 2019

CONTACT: Carrie Healey, 301-500-8642,

WEST BURLINGTON, IA – On Wednesday, John Delaney toured the Big River Resources Ethanol Plant and took part in a roundtable discussion with former Lieutenant Governor Patty Judge, plant COO Jim Leiting and former Iowa State Senator Tom Courtney in West Burlington.

Delaney has spoken out against the Trump Administration’s EPA efforts to undermine the Renewable Fuel Standard by granting waivers exempting small refineries.

“The Renewable Fuel Standard has been good for America and good for Iowa. I think we need to be doing more to boost biofuels, not less. The Trump Administration’s misguided approach on waivers is hurting Iowa. Along with what they’ve done on trade, it’s really a double whammy,” said Delaney.

In March, Delaney released his Heartland Fair Deal plan, a comprehensive plan to jumpstart rural America.