Delaney: Trump Trade Troubles Show That Supporting TPP Is Essential for 2020 Dems

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – John Delaney, one of the few 2020 candidates to stand with President Obama and support the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), releases the following statement on President Trump’s latest tariff fight with China:

“President Trump is learning the hard way that trade wars aren’t easy to win and America is paying the price. Thanks to his policies, profits are down and bankruptcies are up in the heartland. But if Democrats run on Trump’s trade policies too, we’ll offer voters no alternative and we’ll lose again.  

“Frankly, to beat Trump in rural America you have to have supported the Trans-Pacific Partnership. 

“The President’s trade war is resulting in unnecessary harm to the American economy – specifically in places like Iowa. While we should certainly hold China responsible for their bad behavior, the answer to addressing China’s unfair trade practices is not to punish American workers and consumers, the answer is to out-compete them. That’s why Trump’s decision to pull out of the TPP was so disastrous. America’s farmers need new markets, not tweets.

“The President is engaging in reckless political theater and chasing short-term concessions while doing nothing to address the big picture. The right answer is to stop making policy pronouncements via Twitter, engage in honest and responsible diplomacy, and embrace free trade.”

Last week, Delaney spoke on China, trade, and foreign policy at the Johns Hopkins University School of Advanced International Studies.