Delaney on Creation of Canadian AI Council: We Can’t Fall Behind

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – Yesterday, the Canadian government announced the creation of a new Advisory Council on Artificial Intelligence. The council includes representatives from the private sector and researchers and is tasked with promoting economic growth and job opportunities and a human-centric approach to machine learning. 

John Delaney, the founder of the AI Caucus in Congress, has called for similar efforts from the United States. As part of his platform, Delaney has pushed for the implementation of a National AI Strategy. Last year, Delaney published an op-ed in Wired titled, “France, China and the EU All Have an AI Strategy. Shouldn’t the US?”

“When it comes to artificial intelligence, we can’t fall behind,” said John Delaney. “We’ve been the global leader in technological innovation, research, and entrepreneurship, but that doesn’t mean we will be at the top forever. Right next door, Canada is taking action. They’re developing AI superclusters and focusing on commercialization. This should be a wake-up call. 

“Our economic competitors around the world recognize the importance of AI and we need to as well. History shows that new technologies create more jobs than they displace, but to make sure that those new jobs are being created here in America, we need a proactive approach. We must make sure we’re investing in research, preparing workers for the future, and developing guidelines on ethics and privacy. The current White House is focused on the past, we need to be focused on the future.”