Delaney: Trump’s Refusal to Work With Democrats Is Fundamentally Unpatriotic

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – In response to President Trump’s refusal to work with Democrats until the completion of congressional investigations, presidential candidate John Delaney releases the following statement:

“The President’s decision to not work with Democrats is just another example in the long line of temper tantrums coming from the White House. Bipartisan solutions are the only way that we can pass meaningful legislation that will improve the lives of all Americans. President Trump’s failure to reach across party lines will hurt every American town with a failing bridge, every teacher hoping for broadband internet in her rural school, and every parent in places like Flint, praying for help from Washington. Democrats have a responsibility to investigate the President’s improper behavior.  To hold up bipartisan action that will help the American people for your own self-interested reasons is fundamentally unpatriotic.”