Delaney Doubles Down on Universal Health Care Plan

Sen. Sanders’ Medicare For All Bill is bad policy and bad politics and will help get Donald Trump re-elected

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – In light of new debates about the best form of universal health care, John Delaney highlights his health care plan that provides universal coverage but gives Americans a mix of government and private options. This year, Delaney has announced comprehensive plans to establish universal health careexpand mental health care coverage, and lower prescription drug prices. 

Delaney releases the following statement:

“We can’t afford to play politics with our health care system. Sen. Sanders’ Medicare For All Bill is bad policy and bad politics and will help get Donald Trump re-elected. To beat Trump we must have an honest debate about the best way to ensure everyone has health care while also preserving options. Voters need to hear the truth, not more political slogans. My universal health care plan is the best path forward and would actually be the biggest and most progressive expansion of government health care coverage since the creation of Medicare. 

“Americans want choices when it comes to health care, not a government-only-approach. My universal health care plan gives every American health care as a right, but still allows them to have private insurance if they so choose.  I believe in the politics of addition, that we should be providing healthcare benefits to those who are uninsured or lack basic coverage, not telling 150 Million Americans that their health insurance is illegal, which the Medicare For All legislation explicitly does. That is the politics of subtraction.  I don’t believe that the American people will support a system where they have to give up their health insurance, where low reimbursement rates will lead to hospital closures, or where a single President (like President Trump) is in charge of our entire health care system. These are my opinions and I believe the Democratic Party should be tolerant to everyone’s opinions if we want to chart the best path forward.”

Delaney Health Care Plan

I believe that health care is a fundamental right. I am proposing a universal health care plan that will provide high-quality care to everyone and replace our outdated system of employer-sponsored insurance. As President, I would roll this plan out to the American people after we fix the damage that the GOP has done to the Affordable Care Act and improve upon it. This way, Americans would once again get the benefits of the ACA while the nation and Congress have the time it takes to reform health care. Tying access to health insurance to employment forces workers to stay in jobs they don’t like, distracts entrepreneurs from their main focus of running their businesses, and prevents wages from increasing.

  • Create a new public health care plan for all Americans under the age of 65 while preserving traditional Medicare. My new plan would protect the reforms delivered by the Affordable Care Act, including guaranteed coverage of preexisting conditions and essential health benefits, and would make access truly universal. At 65, people would transition into Medicare. Medicaid would be absorbed by the new plan. The highly trusted Medicare provider network could be used for the new plan.   
  • Guarantee universal coverage. Individuals would be automatically enrolled in the new public plan, with no complicated procedures to follow.
  • Keep private insurance options. Individuals and employers will be able to purchase and negotiate supplemental coverage from private insurers to cover additional health needs. These supplementals could merge into the basic plan to make it easier for the user. 
  • Employers would be encouraged to negotiate group rate supplemental plans that would merge with the basic governmental plan so that employees would be able to keep their health care plans, many of which are very popular and important to American families.

In order to be sustainable, universal health care needs to be paid for. My plan will lower the overall cost of health care and put the government on a responsible fiscal path.

Pay-fors (numbers are based on a 10-year projection):

  • The tax subsidy for employer-sponsored insurance costs the government more than $3.7 trillion and depresses wages for working Americans.
  • Allowing the government to negotiate drug prices would stop the transfer of wealth from working families to corporate executives and shareholders of pharmaceutical companies. This would save the government nearly $850 billion.
  • This plan would replace the ACA, and savings from ending the ACA’s tax subsidies would total $760 billion.
  • Current federal Medicaid spending is projected to be more than $4 trillion, which this plan would absorb.
  • States are projected to contribute more than $3.7 trillion to Medicaid. States would continue to pay their share for the current Medicaid population and the federal government would cover the cost of expanded coverage.
  • Implement a means-tested copay requirement for higher-income individuals to fund an increase in reimbursement rates for primary care providers.