Delaney Impresses During Iowa Democratic Party Hall of Fame Dinner

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – On Sunday, Delaney spoke at the Iowa Democratic Party’s Hall of Fame Dinner. In his speech, Delaney emphasized the need to build a big tent coalition that can govern effectively. Delaney also highlighted his universal health care plan that provides health care as a right of citizenship while preserving private insurance options.
Delaney’s plan for universal health care includes steps to lower prescription drug pricesand improve access to mental health care. The full plan can be found online here.

What people are saying:

  • “.@JohnDelaney has spent more time in Iowa than any other candidate, meeting folks, touring the state, hearing their priorities. He’s got a pragmatic but progressive approach to investing in the future and revitalizing rural communities.” – @FocusonRural
  •  “.@JohnDelaney on universal health care in other countries: “The one thing about all those countries whose systems we admire: None of them have a single payer universal health care system.” – @davecatanese
  • “.@JohnDelaney takes the stage to Johnny Cash’s “I’ve Been Everywhere,” a nod to his extensive campaigning across Iowa. He speaks against single-payer health care. “There are lots of ways of creating universal health care in this country.”  @brianneDMR
  • “John Delaney walks up to “I’ve Been Everywhere” in a reference to visiting every county in Iowa. He talks heavily about universal healthcare and points to other countries’ success with universal healthcare systems. #IACaucus” @gazettedotcom
  • “I want to have a Democratic Party that 60 or 70 percent of the American people feel comfortable voting for,” @JohnDelaney tells the media during the Hall of Fame dinner.” – @paigegodden  
  • “John Delaney’s message about being the party of ideas and carving out a message suitable for everyone is received much better in Iowa than he was in California last week.”  @lissandravilla
  • “Hello from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, where 19 presidential candidates are descending, it is very loud and John Delaney’s sign guy is killing it?”  – @maxwellstrachan
  • “The @JohnDelaney blimp (!) is inflated and en route to the convention center.”– @jakebullington
  • “Who won the sign wars? These guys. @JohnDelaney”  – @rubycramer
  • “.@JohnDelaney at IA Dem Hall of Fame “We need a president committed to ensuring everyone has universal healthcare….My plan #BetterCare ….gives the American people choices….that’s the best way forward for #UniversalHealthCare #iacaucus”  – State Rep. Art Staed
  • “Former Rep. @JohnDelaney made his pitch for the centrist lane, listing countries with universal health care who aren’t single payer. Says Democrats need to be a big tent party.” – @adam_brew
  • “Great speeches by (and great walk on music for) Democratic Presidential Candidates! @MichaelBennet @CoryBooker @GovernorBullock @PeteButtigieg @Billdeblasio @johndelaney @tulsigabbard @SenGillibrand @KamalaHarris #FirstRateFirstState #IACaucus”  – @juneowens42

Highlights from John Delaney’s speech:

  • “My dad was a union electrician – IBEW. He wired buildings for a living. He did honest work. And when you do honest work, you get a building that works. You flip on a switch, the lights go on, you turn on a faucet, the water comes out. One of the problems with our president is he doesn’t build anything. He doesn’t care if anything works. He only cares about himself. We need to ensure that America works for hard-working Americans. We do.” – John Delaney
  •   “And so we need — we need to become the party of ideas, the party that embraces the debate, the party that wants to build a big tent so that Progressives who want change, moderates who want solutions, independents who just want their elected officials to put the country first, and even those disaffected Republicans who look at this president and see that he has no moral compass and have turned their back on that party. If we become that party, we’re going to win every election. And more importantly, we’ll be able to govern.” – John Delaney
  • “Most importantly, we need a president who is committed to creating universal health care in the United States of America. Where everyone gets health care as a basic right of citizenship. No Americans should be worried about whether they can pay for their insulin. Or worry about their children’s health care, or worry about whether if they make a decision to get health care that they may be signing up to bankrupt themselves. No American should worry about that. ” – John Delaney