Delaney Speaks Out Against Sanders’ Health Care Plan in Iowa

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – Yesterday, at the Iowa Democratic Party’s Hall of Fame dinner, presidential candidate John Delaney called for the creation of a universal health care system that preserves private insurance options.

John Delaney releases the following statement:

“Some in my party are rejecting opportunities for real progress around common sense solutions by disparagingly labeling these ideas as ‘middle-ground.’ This is fundamentally dishonest. First, if we learned anything from the midterm elections it is the fact that moderate candidates flipped seats from red to blue by talking about common sense solutions, not purity tests. Second, purity tests are bad public policy because they stifle debate, lead to intellectually dishonest solutions, and bad ideas, which will lead to the reelection of Donald Trump

“Senator Sanders’ Medicare-for-all plan makes for a good talking point but is in fact bad policy and bad politics. Americans don’t want Donald Trump or Mike Pence having a say in or controlling everyone’s health care benefits, which would happen if we had a single-payer system. Americans want choices and they want us to continue to improve health care quality. My plan, BetterCare, creates universal health care by providing every American government run health insurance, keeps the private market in place for any American who likes their insurance and want choices, and ensures robust investment in health care. It’s not just smart politics, but its smart policy and it is what most countries do with universal healthcare.”

Delaney’s remarks about his universal health care plan from the Hall of Fame dinner are transcribed below:

“But most importantly, we need a president who is committed to creating universal health care in the United States of America. Where everyone gets health care as a basic right of citizenship. No Americans should be worried about whether they can pay for their insulin. Or worry about their children’s health care, or worry about whether if they make a decision to get health care that they may be signing up to bankrupt themselves. No American should worry about that, and we know we can do this.

“Why do we know that? Because other countries have done it. France has a universal health care system, Sweden has a universal health care system, the Netherlands has a universal health care system, and Germany has a universal health care system, so we can build a universal health care system in the wealthiest nation in the world.

“But the one thing, the one thing, about all of those countries whose systems we admire, none of them have a single-payer universal health care system, which shows there are lots of ways of creating universal health care in this country.

“My plan, BetterCare, gives every American health care as a right. It invests in our communities and ensures we have high-quality health care. It puts money against basic research so we can cure cancer and cure Alzheimer’s. And it gives the American people what they want, which is choices. That’s the best way forward on universal health care.”