Delaney on Sanders Speech: The Right Answer is to Fix Our Economy, the Wrong Answer is to Replace it with Socialism

“Sanders has been consistent in his support for socialism and even, at times, communism”

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – John Delaney releases the following statement on Senator Sanders remarks on socialism: 

“What we learned after fall of the Berlin Wall should have made it very clear to everyone that free market economies produce more societal wealth and higher living standards than centrally planned, socialist economies where government controls the means of production. The historic economic model of the United States is a free market system, moderated by a strong safety net, societal infrastructure, worker’s rights, and the rule of law. It is proven to be the best economic model. Senator Sanders wants to dramatically reshape the entire economic model of the United States, which would be a huge mistake. To his credit, Sanders has been consistent in his support for socialism and even, at times, communism.

“I believe he is wrong. The United States has been an economic and innovation marvel and our national wealth has been good for our citizens and enabled us to be a force of good throughout the world. Socialism — or any new name Senator Sanders has for it — is the wrong answer; the right answer is to make capitalism more just and inclusive by creating a universal healthcare system, strengthening worker’s rights, expanding and improving public education, creating paid family leave, investing in infrastructure, bolstering social security, raising the minimum wage and increasing the EITC. Our model works, we just need to fix it for the new realities of a technology-enabled, globally interconnected, world. For decades, we have failed to do this because of Republican obstruction and partisanship and Americans have been hurt by that failure. Our next President needs to fix our problems with real solutions, not throw out our economic model.”