Delaney Statement on House Ways & Means Hearing on Universal Health Care

Delaney: If we become the party of Medicare for All, we will lose the House

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – Today, the House Committee on Ways & Means is holding a hearing to discuss various proposals for universal health care, including Medicare for All. Delaney’s universal health care plan, BetterCare, provides everyone with a government plan as a right, but allows people to opt out and purchase private insurance or supplemental plans. 

“We cannot and should not embrace Medicare for All as the default Democratic Party health care plan and I hope that today’s hearing will shed light on the major deficiencies in this legislation,” said Delaney. “We will lose the House if voters think we are the party of Medicare for All. My plan, BetterCare guarantees health care coverage as a right, lowers drug prices, allows people to have options, and maintains our global preeminence in research and innovation. We are so close to breakthrough cures for major diseases and Medicare for All will jeopardize that.” 

Last week, John Delaney argued in the Washington Post that Medicare for All is “political suicide” for Democrats. Delaney pointed out that the legislation in Congress would outlaw private insurance, forcing the 150 million Americans with private plans to change coverage. Delaney also highlighted the fact that Medicare does not pay providers full cost, meaning that under a single-payer system hospitals would close, services would be limited, and breakthrough cures would become less likely.