John Delaney Changed the Democratic Debate on Health Care

MIAMI, FL – Over two nights in Miami, the Democratic primary had its first extended policy debate on health care. The terms of the debate this weekend make it clear Medicare for All is finally being examined as a policy for the first time ever. 

John Delaney releases the following statement:

“A month ago, I was nearly booed off the stage at the California Democratic Party Convention for telling the truth about Medicare for All. I was told to drop out of the race by a sitting member of Congress. And I’m running on a universal health care plan! 

“But we kept speaking out. It may have blown up our Twitter mentions but it also changed the debate in a very good way. Candidates are being forced to explain whether or not they want to eliminate private insurance. The health care debate is now happening on our terms. That wasn’t the case a month ago. On health care, this primary is moving away from platitudes and slogans and moving towards real solutions.”