Q&A: How will you “mend the fences” in DC?

When someone at a town hall in Newton, IA asked John how he'll mend the fences in Washington, the answer came easy.

John has an unmatched record of bi-partisanship among the Democrats running for President (and certainly against President Trump). When he was running for a third term in 2016, he received the endorsement of the Washington Post editorial board due to his willingness to reach across the aisle:

In just two terms representing the state’s 6th District, which stretches from Montgomery County to the West Virginia line, Mr. Delaney has established a reputation as one of Capitol Hill’s most substantive, proactive and bipartisan newcomers.

Editorial Board. “Behold, a bipartisan congressman” Washington Post, 3 Nov. 2016

Additionally, GovTrack named him the 3rd most bipartisan Democrat in Congress during his time on the Hill. Working together is what he knows. So when someone asked him, “how will you mend the fences in Washington,” at a town hall in Newton, IA, the answer came easy.