Delaney: “Senator Sanders is wrong on Medicare for all”

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – On the eve of Senator Sanders defense of Medicare for All, John Delaney released a video on social media outlining his opposition to Medicare for all.

A transcript of the video is provided below:

“Here’s what Senator Sanders isn’t willing to tell you about Medicare for All. If you have private insurance and like it, under Medicare for all, you will not be able to keep it. Period. This is spelled out plainly in the bill. He’ll tell you all the nice stuff, but he won’t tell you an important part you need to hear. Under Medicare for all, private insurance that covers most aspects of healthcare is illegal. 

If we run on taking health insurance plans away from 150 million Americans we will lose. Healthcare is the number one issue for voters and they won’t trust us that the new government healthcare will be as good as the health insurance they like. Donald Trump will be re-elected and we’ll spend another four years wondering how we managed to lose…again. Senator Sanders is wrong on Medicare for all – it’s not good politics. But it’s also not good policy. Did you know that Medicare doesn’t fully cover the cost of healthcare? So if all the bills in the country were paid at Medicare rates, many hospitals would close.

We can’t let Senator Sanders be the reason we lose to Donald Trump. My plan BetterCare provides universal health care coverage to everyone as a basic right – for free. But also allows people to have the option to keep their private plans, their employer plans or their union plans. It allows our seniors to keep their Medicare Advantage, which is private insurance and would go away under medicare for all.

If you want to know more about BetterCare, head over to and check it out. We can’t afford more impossible promises from politicians. We have someone in the White House who already does that. It’s time for the rest of the candidates in the field, to be honest with the American people. Let’s get to work.”