“This shows we’re really committed.”

Over 1000 Iowans braved the heat in Cedar Rapids for a day of speeches, meeting candidates and, of course, corn!

John had ten minutes to speak. This was a strictly enforced deadline by the organization. So strict, in fact, the state auditor stood just off stage with an air horn ready to go if any candidate went over.

The Team Delaney booth featured a photo booth with props (including an ear of corn), free copies of John’s book, and organizers from around the area ready to answer questions and sign people up to volunteer.

John was the first of almost a dozen candidates to get a crack at the mic. He talked about how our country should be in a much better place than it is but we’re behind because of the political infighting and the brokenness of Washington.

I believe in my heart and soul that the American people don’t need more gridlock, more ideology, or more Mitch-McConnell-rigid partisanship. What we need is simple: we need solutions.

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