Delaney Statement on Pence Iowa Visit on Trade

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – Today, Vice President Pence arrived in Iowa to discuss a new trade deal with Canada and Mexico. In response, John Delaney releases the following statement:

“The benefits that USMCA has over NAFTA are some of the same provisions that made Trans-Pacific Partnership such a strong trade deal, which is why Trump’s decision to scrap the TPP was such a tragedy.  Scrapping the TPP restricted markets available to Iowa’s farmers which Trump made even worse with his trade war on China, especially because not being in TPP gives us less leverage over China.  Vice President Pence used to understand the value and support the TPP before he had to sing from Trump’s songbook. After what Trump’s trade blunders have done to Iowa’s economy, Pence should be embarrassed to represent the Trump administration on trade in Iowa.”