Delaney Calls for Vision, Unity, and Leadership in Closing Statement

DETROIT, MI – Tonight, John Delaney closed his time on the stage at the second DNC debate by highlighting his vision for the future, calling for real solutions, not impossible promises, on health care, climate, and national service.

Delaney’s statement is transcribed below, and can be viewed here:

“John F. Kennedy famously said ‘We should not seek the Republican answer, we should not seek the Democratic answer, we should seek the right answer.’ He was right when he said it, and he is right today as well. Donald Trump is a symptom of a disease, and the disease is divisiveness. And I’m the only one on the stage talking about curing that disease, with big ideas like national service, by focusing on actually solving problems. If we work together we can fix health care and build infrastructure. We can invest, not just in technology, but in people and entrepreneurs, whether they be in Storm Lake, Iowa, or Detroit, Michigan, or Baltimore, Maryland. We can fight climate change and reimagine our education system, but we have to do it with real solutions, not impossible promises. Isn’t it time we had a president who was a leader in both the private sector and in government to lead us into the future? I promise, as president, I will restore vision, unity, and leadership and decency to this country. That’s why I’m running for president. Thank you.”