Delaney Hosts Entrepreneurs of Color Roundtable in Detroit Ahead of Democratic Debate

DETROIT, MI – John Delaney held an Entrepreneurs of Color Roundtable at the Ochre Bakery in Detroit this morning, hearing first-hand from local residents about the opportunities and challenges they face. The roundtable featured 15 entrepreneurs from Detroit and was co-hosted by the Detroit Development Fund. Delaney, who founded two businesses before the age of 40, released his 10-point Cities Fair Deal Plan last week.

The plan includes measures to promote entrepreneurship, invest in minority-owned businesses and encourage capital investment in communities of color. As president, Delaney will appoint an Entrepreneurship Czar to serve as a Special Advisor to the White House. In 2010, Delaney’s business, CapitalSource, received the Bank Enterprise Award from the Obama Administration for investing in under-served communities.