Delaney Statement on Market Losses, Trump Economic Policies

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – Yesterday, the markets suffered their worst day of 2019, amid fears of a looming recession. 

John Delaney releases the following statement: 

“We need a President who understands how the economy works and has a plan for our economic future, not one who is hell-bent on mortgaging our kid’s future for his own short-term gratification and turning the clock back to an economy that no longer exists. Recent market volatility is sending voters a clear message: Trump’s stupid trade war, rejection of rules-based trade, addiction to deficits and debt, unpaid-for spending and tax cuts, and lack of investments in our future will result in a recession and maybe worse. Trump was an economic fraud in business and he’s an economic fraud as President.

“When the markets collapsed in 2008, my company successfully managed through without bailouts or TARP funds. We navigated the most historic downturn in our economy without massive layoffs or government assistance and continued to finance our small business clients that numbered in the thousands. I understand how the American economy works and how to ensure that it works for ALL Americans.

“President Trump’s economic and industrial policy is based on deficits, debt, coal, and trade wars. My economic and industrial policy will be based on fiscal sanity, infrastructure, innovation, advanced energy and rules-based trade.

“Our current President is the only person I know that can bankrupt a casino (think about that!) Why would we expect him to do anything different with the American economy?

“As the only candidate who was both a leader in business and a leader in government, I can build an economy that works. I am the only Presidential candidate prepared to address our broken economic system, on day one.”