ICYMI: John Delaney Picks Up Key Iowa Caucus Endorsement from Chuck Offenburger, Former Des Moines Register Columnist


DES MOINES, IA – Just five months out from the Iowa Caucuses, 2020 Presidential candidate John Delaney picked up a key endorsement from longtime Des Moines Register columnist and author, Chuck Offenburger. Offenburger was born in Iowa and wrote for the Des Moines Register for 26 years; 21 of those writing the famous ‘Iowa Boy’ column. Jay Wagner, editor of The Iowan magazine, wrote that “Chuck is really an institution in Iowa”. About Offenburger’s endorsement of John Delaney, Pulitzer Prize-winning editor of the Storm Lake Times, Art Cullen, tweeted: ‘Chuck Offenburger knows Iowa as well as anyone.’

Key quotes from the Offenburger endorsement of John Delaney:

“There’s not been any other candidate who’s come even close to Delaney in how he’s worked Iowa in this election cycle.”

“I believe former Maryland congressman John Delaney is the ‘Real Deal’ Democrat in this wild scramble for the presidency. And he now has my endorsement.”

“Delaney knows the territory.”

“He was by far the first to be in all 99 counties, and now he’s nearly been to all of them twice. He’s done more meetings in Iowa than anybody else. I like his tenacity, his honesty and his common-sense approach.”

“Precisely, Delaney is currently on his 36th trip to the state since the summer of 2017. As of last Saturday, he’s made campaign stops at 379 political events all over Iowa.”

“Delaney also identifies himself as a ‘big tent Democrat,’ one who welcomes independents and unhappy Republicans. In Exira recently, he told the crowd, ‘I think you beat Trump on decency, common sense and real solutions.’ And he often says that one of the biggest issues of this election cycle may well be ‘how divided our country is,’ as he said in Churdan. ‘I want to be the president who unifies this country again, who restores the notion of common purpose.’”

The complete article can be read at: As Labor Day starts the stretch run in Iowa of the presidential race to our caucuses, our columnist endorses “Real Deal” Democrat John Delaney

He recently appeared on CNN where he states that Democrats should “stand for policies that progressives, moderates, independents and even disaffected Republicans can get behind.” Click Here to View.