Vox: Pulling CO2 out of the air and using it could be a trillion-dollar business

We can create the market for the technology that will literally save the planet and we can built it here in the US.

30 years ago if you told me you were going to put solar panels on your property I’d ask how you have hundreds of thousands of dollars to burn, and can I have it instead?

It was a big problem. We all wanted to get off fossil fuels and switch to renewable energy, but only the wealthy could afford to do so. There just wasn’t a market.

So we made one.

Congress… passed a bill [that] allowed businesses and individuals to deduct 30 percent of the cost of installing new solar panels from their taxes… Hailed as a huge success, Congress extended the credit for another eight years. 

Wired.com – A Tax Credit Fueled the Solar Energy Boom. Now It’s in Limbo

But just putting solar panels and wind turbines on our homes, businesses, and farms isn’t enough. We need a multi-pronged attack strategy to solve the climate crisis.

Carbon capture and sequestration is one of the main pillars of John’s plan to solve the climate crisis and he’s the only candidate talking about it.

Today, Vox.com has a great piece on how this new technology can help us save the planet:

There is already too much CO2 in the atmosphere. At this point, to truly vouchsafe a secure climate for future generations, we don’t just have to reduce emissions; we have to pull some CO2 out of the atmosphere.

There are many forms of negative emissions, but most likely the only way to remove enoughCO2 will be to pull it directly out of the air and bury it underground in saline aquifers, a process known as carbon capture and sequestration (CCS).


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