Delaney Announces Heartland StartUp Tour

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – 2020 candidate John Delaney announced today an upcoming tour through Iowa focusing on jobs, innovation, entrepreneurship, trade and access to capital, with a particular focus on rural and struggling communities.   During this tour, which will fit within Delaney’s overall caucus strategy, Delaney will meet with small business and community leaders, aspiring entrepreneurs and major employers, lead discussions on bringing jobs and opportunities to communities that are struggling economically and host “shark tank” style events.  He will discuss real solutions to what communities need to attract and grow a business, he will meet with aspiring entrepreneurs and small business owners and help them craft and refine their business, capital and go-to-market strategies, and he will discuss the enormous economic opportunity that exists in America’s heartland to be the center for the building and operating the innovative technologies we need to make our planet sustainable. 

As the only candidate for President who was a successful entrepreneur, the Chief Executive Officer of two publicly-traded company, and a Member of Congress, Delaney has unrivaled expertise in job creation, economic opportunity, access to capital and economic policy.  Prior to running for Congress, Delaney was the founder and CEO of two publicly traded companies, that employed thousands of people and he was named Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year.  Perhaps more importantly, his companies made over $30 billion of loans to 5,000 small to mid-sized businesses around the United States, fueling hundreds of thousands of jobs.  He spent 20 years building companies that were experts in evaluating promising and fast-growing companies and determining whether to extend them credit.  The Obama Administration awarded his second company, CapitalSource, the Bank Enterprise Award for ethical lending into disadvantaged communities.  Immediately prior to running for Congress, Delaney co-founded a still operating cooperative of over 200 small community banks, providing them with tools to compete against large banks.

“Donald Trump will try to make the next election about the economy and I’m the only candidate running for President who can go toe-to-toe with him on the economy and win the argument every day of the week.  Unlike Trump, who grew up in New York City the son of privilege, I grew up in a blue-collar town, the son of a Union electrician, and went on to start and lead two deeply admired companies that helped exactly the type of businesses rural Iowa, and all of America’s heartland, need more of.  Trump’s businesses went bankrupt, while mine thrived.  Trump is Wall Street; my businesses were Main Street.”

“As I’ve traveled around rural Iowa and so many other communities across our nation, I’ve seen first-hand the opportunity gap that exists in so many small towns.  Shrinking populations, a strain on healthcare and educational systems, and a lack of opportunity for young people are creating two Americas – big cities rich with opportunities and jobs, and small towns being left behind.  Last year, 80% of the professionally managed venture capital was invested in 50 counties in the United States, that’s 1.6% of our counties getting all of the opportunity.  We can change this through better cooperation between government and the private sector, through large scale public and private investments, and most importantly, through entrepreneurship.  Good jobs get created when successful companies start and can grow.  I know how to do this better than anyone.”

“I don’t want the Democratic party to become the party that focuses only on issues affecting coastal economies, or the party of government takeovers of the private economy, or the party that leaves middle America behind, which is what most of my competitors advocate for.  We have to ensure that every region of the country has jobs and economic opportunity and the best way to achieve that is to create an environment where people can start and can grow a business.  To ensure that America’s heartland is attracting capital, supporting entrepreneurs and small businesses and building, among other industries, the clean energy and sustainable agricultural businesses you need someone who understands business, who understands government and who has actually started a real business.  Among the 2020 candidates, I’m clearly the person for that job.  If rural Iowa wants an advocate for job creation in their community, I encourage them to join our campaign.”

  • Tour of Iowa and other states Focusing on Jobs, Innovation, Entrepreneurship, Trade and Access to Capital; events will include roundtables, meetings with entrepreneurs and business leaders and “shark tank” style events;
  • Focus on the enormous potential of bringing the startup and innovation economy to rural Iowa and other heartland states;
  • No place in the world is better positioned to build the clean energy and sustainable agricultural innovation economy than Iowa, which is one of many opportunities; and
  • As the only candidate for President who was a successful entrepreneur, the Chief Executive Officer of two publicly traded companies, and a Member of Congress, Delaney has unrivaled expertise in job creation, economic opportunity, access to capital and economic policy, issues that need to be front and center in the 2020 caucus.