ICYMI: Iowa Momentum Builds For Delaney

Photo of John Delaney speaking at the 2019 Liberty & Justice Celebration in Des Moines

"I always love coming to Iowa but this last weekend was really something very special for me and our entire team."

A whirlwind week began for the Delaney campaign last Wednesday, with Pulitzer Prize-winning editorial writer Art Cullen praising Delaney’s healthcare planwhich, compared to other candidates’ plans was “probably the best proposal” of all. On Friday, the campaign held a standing-room-only “Pre-Game” gathering before the LJ Celebration, and Delaney wrapped up the weekend speaking to thousands of Iowans at the NAACP Economic Empowerment Forum, the Accessibility For All Caucus and the Finkenauer Fish Fry.

“I always love coming to Iowa but this last weekend was really something very special for me and our entire team. The caucuses are almost here and we’re giving it everything we’ve got to have a strong showing on February 3rd,” said Delaney.

Delaney kicked off the weekend with the ‘Delaney Pre-Game’ meet-and-greet before the Liberty & Justice Celebration at Buzzard Billy’s, famous in Des Moines as the place to go before a big show at Wells Fargo Arena. Iowa Starting Line reported that “a steady stream of supporters filtered into Delaney’s event” and that “it was the perfect place to wrangle a bunch of undecided voters.” Later that evening Delaney declared that he planned “to basically plant a flag in rural Iowa” during his speech in front of thousands of Iowa Democrats at the Liberty & Justice Celebration. “We’re never going to be able to have a governing majority in this country unless we win the heartland,” he said. 

At the NAACP Economic Empowerment event at Drake University, Delaney referenced his business background, sharing that his company “lent money to 5,000 small businesses, including minority-owned businesses,” which earned him President Obama’s Bank Enterprise Award for investing in low-income and economically distressed communities.

At the Accessibility Inclusion & Outreach For All forum, Delaney explained how his healthcare proposal, BetterCare, is the most attainable path to universal health coverage in this country (echoed in Cullen’s editorial). As president, Delaney said he planned to ensure higher wages for medical professionals and other caregivers. “It’s very important in this country to make sure we pay providers enough,” he said. “If you don’t pay people enough, you’re not going to get them to do the job.” Delaney also told the touching story of his disabled grandfather’s tumultuous arrival at Ellis Island in 1923 as a boy. “My grandfather’s story has affected me in ways I can never really fully imagine and is the reason I’m here today.” (Watch the story at 27:44 here

At the final event of the weekend, Delaney addressed the first annual Finkenauer Fish Fry in Cedar Rapids. “Infrastructure has to be the number one domestic priority of the next president,” Delaney said, because it will create middle-class jobs, make the nation more competitive and improve Americans’ quality of life. Delaney promised that federal infrastructure jobs will be union jobs and will help to rebuild the shrinking American middle class. Delaney began his speech to raucous applause, telling the hundreds assembled that his father was a 60-year member of the IBEW.

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