Delaney: Trump Continues Attack on America’s Farmers

Higher prices on manufacturing and equipment will further imperil survival of small farms

FRIENDSHIP HEIGHTS, MD – Following the Trump administration’s unexpected announcement of new tariffs on Brazilian and Argentinian industrial metals, a new blow has been dealt against the small farmer. John Delaney releases the following statement:

 “Farmers were already reeling from the effects of Trump’s trade wars and Chinese tariffs on steel and aluminum, which added to the cost of farm equipment. Now a new blow has been dealt and farmers will experience even higher price tags on the machinery they need to make a living. American farmers deserve policies that allow them to thrive.” Delaney added, “U.S. Agriculture feeds not only our country but much of the world. We need to end the trade wars and expand markets for US agricultural products.”

Farmers continue to suffer under devastating trade policies. 100,000 farms were lost between 2011-2018 and the shuttering of ethanol plants as well as cuts in production have caused the loss of thousands of jobs. Farm bankruptcies are up 12% in the last year. Farm debt stands at $416 billion.

In June, Delaney released his Heartland Fair Deal, which calls for the US to reenter the TPP in order to expand markets in Asia and counter China’s dominance in those markets, investment in research to help agriculture deal with climate change though better technology and soil management, expanding access and funding for conservation programs, investing in research to expand bio-based manufacturing opportunities and redesigning anti-trust regulations to address the concentration of power in the agricultural economy.