Meet April McClain-Delaney

A strong advocate for women and children, April McClain-Delaney has more than 25 years of communications law, regulatory affairs, and child advocacy experience in both private sector and non-profit engagements.

Photo of John and April DelaneyApril McClain-Delaney is a communications lawyer and an entrepreneur, whose interests and skills range from the regulation of communications satellites to safeguarding the digital privacy of children. She is passionate about expanding opportunities for young girls and protecting them from online and in-person predatory behavior. She is a bridge-builder who always seeks to strengthen communities through the realization of what we believe and hold in common. April is always guided by her faith and her belief that collectively we can achieve change that benefits us all.

April was born and raised in Buhl, Idaho, where her father was a russet potato farmer. She earned a B.S. in Communications from Northwestern University and a Juris Doctor degree from Georgetown University Law Center in Washington, DC, where she met John. After graduation, she spent 15 years as an FCC attorney with Cohn & Marks, Vice President of International Regulatory Affairs with Orion Network Systems, and founder of USAT, an international satellite-based internet services company.

April is the Washington Director and Board Member of Common Sense Media. In addition, she has been actively involved with several organizations focused on girls and women, most notably the International Center for Research on Women, Innocents at Risk, Meridian Center Women’s Leadership Council, and Georgetown University’s Women, Peace, and Security Institute. She has received numerous awards and recognitions for her charity and advocacy work.

She is the past chair of the Board of Visitors of Georgetown Law Center, on the National Advisory Council for Northwestern University’s School of Communications, board member and Nominating Chair of the International Center for Research on Women, a past Vice-President of the Congressional (Families) Club, and a board member of the Sun Valley Community School. Her policy work centers on digital citizenship issues (including tech addiction, privacy, and teen anxiety concerns) and how media messages to and empowers women.