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Delaney: Trump Comments Show a Lack of Urgency on National Debt Crisis

On Wednesday, The Daily Beast reported that in a meeting with senior White House advisors to discuss the national debt crisis, President Trump said that he “won’t be here” when it blows up. The article cites multiple sources within the administration who say that Trump has repeatedly shrugged off the nation’s $21 trillion debt, implying that he will not be president when the debt blows up. 

Delaney Statement on NRCC Hack

The hacking of NRCC emails underscores that election security cannot be a partisan issue. Democrats, Republicans, and Independents should stand united against these hacks. Ultimately, we all lose when our elections are undermined. It is incumbent upon both parties to take this problem seriously and to strongly support both new measures to address this problem in all its various forms and to support existing investigations into foreign interference in our elections.

Delaney Statement on Passing of President George H.W. Bush

“President Bush will be remembered as a dignified, civil and thoughtful leader who led our country during a time of historic global change. President Bush was a courageous and decorated pilot who served in World War II, an international statesman and a generous and compassionate spirit who spoke of a kinder, gentler America and a thousand points of light.