China has become one of the most pressing challenges facing the United States.  The Asian power has grown into the second largest economy in the world by doing three things – making smart investments, working hard, and not playing by the rules.

As China continues its predatory and expansionist agenda, the United States must put forward a whole of government strategy to address the growing friction with China geopolitically, economically, and militarily. We cannot allow them to disregard international standards and norms during this next wave of transformative innovation. As president, Delaney would work with our allies and multilateral institutions to hold China accountable for their bad behavior. 

While President Trump has rightfully focused on China’s unfair trade and economic practices, he has pursued the wrong and reckless prescription. Instead of working multilaterally, with our allies, Trump has entered into a bilateral trade war and is improperly relying on tariffs as his sole solution. Trump will sadly settle for short-term concessions but not address long term concerns. The United States must focus on China’s widespread and systematic theft of intellectual property that has undermined American businesses. Delaney supports rejoining the Trans-Pacific Partnership to prevent China from setting the economic rules of the Asia-Pacific region. Additionally, in order to remain ahead of China, we need to reinvest in our own country through increased efforts in advanced technology, education, infrastructure, and manufacturing. 

Since China is pursuing a predatory and purely transactional foreign policy agenda, the United States must be able to offer an alternative that is centered around good policy and abide by commonly held values. This can include offering robust foreign aid and increasing foreign direct investment to counter China’s Belt and Road Initiative. Reasserting U.S. engagement and leadership in the world will allow us to push back against China’s expansion in the South China Sea, use international organizations in pressuring China to follow the rules of the road, and promote human rights and democratic initiatives in China.